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As of this morning i started packing my luggage and suddenly i came to the conclusion that i have no need to pack anything. I have figured out that there are very few things in life that in reality deserve our concerns. I have decided to do something that I always dreamed about: a worldwide tour !

Documenting then sharing. My intentions are not to take advantage of any individual, no monetary benefits or even make this into a production. Just myself "Spidey" my camera and the world that has much to offer yet unfortunate many contemplate to see.

The objective of these trips is to have a DVD (or on any videos broadcasters) made with all my adventures from country to country available by exchange only. The “purchaser” will send an item of good, make a donation of any kind to one or more inhabitant(s) that has been encountered during the trip through the videos that I will be posting on the website www.shepherd-project.com.

My only necessity is to make an exchange between the
discipline that I am developing, (THE WAY OF MOVEMENT) and the inhabitants of each country visited.

THE WAY OF MOVEMENT is a syncretism of severals artistic disciplines (as Parkour, martial art, yoga, dance...) enabling to work on our self discovery whithout dogma. Just to move and feel the real and original freedom of our bodies.
Being without hang-ups (complex), try to understand and heal our fears, win a total self-respect through the self-control of our minds, bodies and emotions.

The body movement, as the main art will, I hope, break all language barriers. Through this tool i want to take you on a journey of union between “others” and ourself. Meet the “others” and be able to share their daily life, as well as working with them on their craft and learn from their skills.

Every time I’ll go back to France I will share my experiences through workshops, conferences and photo exhibitions in all the places available to welcome me.

I’m already teaching "developing the body through the way of movement" for kids as well as for adults, outdoors, in social centers, schools, dojos and Yoga and dance studios...
I am also giving workshops through France and Europe...

I am still doing my work as a martial artist, acrobat, stuntman, action director and choreographer and most of the time working with circus, dance companies, theaters, operas and occasionally cinema.
I am really open to new path and i want to discover, share and work with any devoted artists in deep and dope projects.

For more infos you can Contact me on spideyofficieux@gmail.com

Djamel Bride Aka Spidey

Let's' start the journey !

Teaching kids !

Somewhere into the wild !



First movieclip as a director/editor :

LE CONSTAT DU CHAT par spidey_69


Resume !

SOON the pictures and videos of my worlwide tour (Tibet, Japan, India, Mongolia, Irak, Peru, Island...)

"Devoted artists have no interest in recognition, success or fame, for they are to busy perfecting their disciplines."
Djamel Bride

Many news are coming